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Just Call Me Hotel Person: The Absurd Quest for Fancy Titles in Hospitality

Updated: Feb 19


In an industry where the bed linens are crisp, and the smiles are even crisper, there's a never-ending trend sweeping through the hallways – a relentless, somewhat hilarious quest to find the 'perfect' name for those of us who simply make your stay a little less stay-ish and a little more home-ish.

Yes, I'm talking about us, the 'hotel people.'

The Name Game

It all started innocently enough. A few creative minds in a boardroom, probably over a cup of overpriced coffee, decided 'hotel employee' didn't quite capture the essence of our daily heroics. So, they embarked on a quest – a quest for a name as grandiose as the chandeliers in the lobby.

Suggestions Galore

From 'Hospitality Heroes' to 'Innthusiasts,' the suggestions came pouring in. Each one more flamboyant than the last. 'Staycrafters'? Really? It sounds like a new Minecraft update, not a job title. 'Lodge Leaders' – are we leading an expedition to the unknown, or just ensuring the mini-bar is well-stocked? Or how about the exclusive title that university alumni give each other like "Hotelie" at Cornell University. That's cool, I love Cornell, I have a certificate form Cornell, but does that mean my friend that runs a mountain resort in Aspen that graduated from University of the United States, can't be a Hotelie? (yes, that's a shout out to Coming to America).

Possibly the most confusing, is Hotelier. Must you own the hotel to be a hotelier, must you manage it, must you build it, must you be a great speller, or good at it, renovate it, clean it, or must you work at the property level or management company level? It's all.....just.....too....watered....down, and it's like having a bug in my ear, with an attitude.

Back to Basics

But here's a radical thought – what if we just stick to 'hotel person'? It's straightforward, no-nonsense, and let's face it, pretty accurate. We're people. In a hotel. Doing hotel-y things. And we're good at it. Why complicate it with a title that needs its own glossary?

The Real Magic

The real magic of being a hotel person isn't in a fancy title. It's in the small things – the perfectly fluffed pillows, the impeccably timed wake-up call, the way we remember your name and your preference for extra towels. Most importantly and distinctive, is that we are team people, we thrive being part of something that creates and builds and gest through stuff, together. With the right training and we could've been Olympic Volleyball players or MLB Baseball players or start our own company and grow it to a game-changing enterprise. Wait, what? Okay.

We're the behind-the-scenes conductors of your comfort, our teams, the unsung maestros of your stay. What happens when you leave, well....we come back tomorrow to work, and the what do we call you when you leave? Family. So....that's why you sign up for loyalty programs! See how this works? It's quite simple.

If you are a traveler, stay at hotels with hotel people...believe me, all hotels are NOT all managed by hotel people....and you must be smart and inquisitive to find out. How do you find out, well....text me - I'm not hard to find! I have "the list". It's what I do and who I am. Who are you? (that's a topic for another blog post)

Conclusion: Embrace the Simplicity

So, let's drop the naming charade and embrace the simplicity. We're hotel people. And we're proud of it. In the end, it's not about what you call us, but what we do that makes us special. And if you really need to jazz it up, just add 'extraordinary' before 'hotel person.' That should cover it.

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