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Research - Data - Focus Groups

"You can observe a lot by watching" - Yogi Berra

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National Workplace Culture & Retention & Engagement Research Project - 2022

What Drives the Employees to Feel it's a Great Place to Work?
Top Five(5) Driver Questions, an analysis of the 60 Question Survey completed by the 323 subject companies

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SWOT Analysis, Single and Comp Set Review - Over 150 SWAT Analysis Projects & Comp Set Reviews Completed

Determined if the Asset was Positioned Properly, Based on Pricing, Customer Acquisition Costs, Demographics, Loyalty and Market Influences and Data w/ a SWOT Approach

Mgt Co Audit Profiling Research.Snapshot_edited.jpg

Hotel Management Company Audits and Impact Assessments

Private and Proprietary
- 9 Management Companies Audited
- Qualitative and Quantitative with Financial, Quality, Market Performance, Retention, Human Capital, Training
- 1,810 Months of Reports Analyzed over 14 Years (still Active)
- 321 Hotel Properties Reviewed, 38 States (US)

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