For the love of hospitality,
what is Workplace Culture and Organizational Development? 

Retained COO/HR-Level Advisory, Research and Special Projects

You can build from within, step by step, person by person, to attract and retain the right people, place them in the right roles at the right time of their lives and career.


Private, committed to a select few groups. Hospiamo is a hub of information and research, with a library of information and bandwidth to take on more.  Hospiamo is retained on-call, available 24/7 for small or large problems that need solving.  This is our "extended stay" program, very low monthly fee with friendly terms.  Our program value is stepping into a vacant or much needed role, and quickly act on behalf of Group Leadership and take on the hottest and heaviest of weights, report privately and run with it, whatever the challenge is.

Interviews, Understanding,

Identity the Current State 

Business Meeting

What are the 2 Major Tasks you wish to take off your plate?  Are you getting what you want with your Team/People?

It starts with a conversation, then a trickle of trust and then it happens.  One says, "It's so frustrating, I just wish...."
That's when everything starts to get better.

Simplified Strategy

Present Options and Solutions - Starting with retainer agreement (6 or 12 months) or special project pricing


Set Goals and Targets. We create the plan, with your voice.

We have a program, which compares your existing model with other organizational models you strive to become.  There is a pathway to achieve that model of success.  The program is focused on people and processes and sustainable mechanisms.  At Hospiamo, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how you structure and manage your business, with people and processes as a foundation.

Make a Decision

Execute - Work Starts, with Performance Thresholds, Deadlines and Project Timelines

Business Meeting

Laser Focus on achieving the goals.  One Voice, Drill Into the Details

Once we identify what you want, the people and processes you wish to establish, it's time to execute the vision with the structure we built, then maintain it with the guidance of your Cultural and Operational Leaders you identified within your organization.


Research Projects and Focus Groups

"You can observe a lot by watching." - Yogi Berra

National Hospitality Employee Engagement Research Project (Digital Recognition)

Market and Competitive Pricing & SWOT Analysis for Single Entity (Venue, Property, Asset)

Hotel Management Company Profiling and Performance Audit, 2007-2022

Digital Engagement.Website.Snapshot.2.png
SWOT Research.Website.Snapshot.2.png
Mgt Co Audit Profiling Research.Snapshot_edited.jpg

Observation: Hotel Management Companies (employers) have the opportunity to recognize their employees online.  Research Project Question: Are they?

Determined if the Asset was Positioned Properly, Based on Pricing, Customer Acquisition Costs, Demographics, Loyalty and Market Influences and Data w/ a SWOT Approach

Auditing the Effectiveness and Impact of a 9 Hotel Management Companies

- 120 Hotel Management Companies
- 6,472 Properties Under Management
- 355,960 Employees
% of Employees Engaged Online (LinkedIn): .13% (less than 1%)
Private Company: Developed a LinkedIn Strategy to digitally engage 25% of their management employees online, which has grown to 50% in 2020.  Positive Impact of 369 Hospitality Managers nationwide

SWOT Analysis Clearly Identified Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats to the subject property.
- Small City in Southeastern US
- Owner considering a Brand, Franchise Conversion, Consider a Sale or Extend Hold Period
- Capital Investment ROI analysis determined that property was not positioned properly, resulted in immediate revenue and profitability impact and 20:1 ROI.

Private and Proprietary for Multiple Groups
- 9 Management Companies Audited
- Qualitative and Quantitative with Financial, Quality, Market Performance and Human Resources/Turnover
- 1,810 Months of Reports Analyzed over 14 Years (still Active)
- 321 Hotel Properties Reviewed, 38 States (US)