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New Impact Memberships & Partnerships

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  • Join Hospiamo's SKOOL Community

    Perfect for Entrepreneurs IN & Trying to Get IN the Business of Hotels & Hospitality
    Free Plan
    • 1-1 Access with Adam Z and Partners, Members & Network
    • Speak & Collaborate on Hospiamo YouTube & Media Channels
    • 20 Hrs. Free Coaching: Financial & Digital Mentoring
    • Choice of Impact Committee to Join, Create or Lead
    • Access to Research, Templates, Data & Benchmarking Tools
    • Support for Ideation & Creative Product Development
    • Access to Industry "Boardroom" Brainstorming Meets
    • Personal SWOT & Impact Scorecard and Support
    • Invitations to Event Planning Collaborations
  • Guests and Traveler Program: SAFE

    Every month
    BETA Traveler Program: Know BEFORE you BOOK: the Employers, Ownership, Vendors, Building Safety
    • Where Should I Stay? 3 Custom Travel Inquiries Annually
    • Access to Mgt Badge Earners: "Our 50" Hotel Owners & Mgt Cos
    • Monthly Reports on Who Owns, Who Employs & Who Serves
    • Preferred Pricing and Custom Coupons with partner programs
    • Charter Member of the American Traveler Transparency Program
    • Sponsorship Opportunities with Hospiamo Media Channels
    • Exclusive Access & Updates - New Brand in Development
  • Global Impact & Innovation

    Hotel Mgt. Company Asset Optimization

    Every month
    +$6,000 Activation Fee & Onboarding
    "It's all about the Badge baby!" - Perfect for Hospitality Employers, Hotel Management Companies
    Valid for 6 months
    • COO-Level Implement: Investments, Asset Mgt, Acquisitions
    • Hospiamo's Audit and Badge Achievement Program - Groundbreak
    • ONE Score: Data Vizualization, Data Storytelling, Benchmark
    • Coaching Plan for 10 General Manager "beat the brands"
    • Guarantee: 4 Individuals Trained to Train: Self-Sufficiency
    • 10 Media Sponsorships included on Hospiamo Podcasts & Events
    • Discounts for Hi3 Members -
    • Recruiting: Up to 4 Mgt Placements w/ Coaching (FREE)
    • Gold Level Sponsoring on YouTube & Media Channels, Podcasts
    • Gold Level Sponsorship - Annual & Quarterly Conventions
    • 5 Written Nominations for Board Appointments, Lists, Awards
  • Vendors, Suppliers, Contractors, Brands

    Every month
    +$1,750 Activation Fee & Onboarding
    Perfect for those that serve the industry and attract people towards it and wish to impact decisions
    Valid for 12 months+ 14 day free trial
    • Access to Employees, Managers, Employers & Owner Network
    • Access and Referrals to Approved Employers, Partners
    • Special Invites to Conventions and Monthly Meetings
    • Invites to Speak at Live Events and Podcasts
    • Ability to use Hospiamo Network Member Title
    • Marketing and Digital Badges to use on Site
    • Exclusive Preferred Pricing for Event Sponsorships
  • Hotel Due Diligence Package - 4 Hotels

    +$2,500 Activation Fee & Onboarding
    Contact Adam Z. to be Introduced to our 3rd Party Hotel Mgt & Asset Mgt Partners
    • Hotel Investment Due Diligence & Market/Mgt Co Analysis
    • 3 Months - Hotel Ops-Asset Mgt Assessment Plan, 3 Properties
    • Access Matchmaking Database Approved Mgt Co's, Contractors
    • Guarantees to Increase Overall Asset Value/Plan in 3 months
    • Exclusive VIP Sponsorship & Recognition Package
    • Sponsor up to 5 Future Leaders, and Mgt Co Entrepreneurs
    • Acquisitions - Preferred Investment Partnership Program
  • Media Channel Sponsorships

    Live Events & Podcasts Started May '23: YouTube, LinkedIn Live, Facebook.
    • Placement of sponsor's brand logo
    • 1 Minute Commercial & Guest Speaking Spots
    • Promotion of sponsor's products, services, or initiatives
    • Recognition in promotional materials, website, social media
    • Exclusive Partnership Opportunities as we expand
  • Hospiamo Friends & Family Partnership

    For Retirees & Financially Independent Seeking to Make an Impact in Hospitality Staffing Crisis
    • Contact Adam Z. for Serious Inquiries
    • Strategic Partnership Implemented: Mutually Benefits
    • Watch Real Time - Your Money Making an Impact
    • Be Recognized Globally for Making a Difference
    • $500 Credit to Sponsor a Youth into the Industry
    • $500 Credit for Sponsoring Educational Programs
    • $500 Credit for joining future programs
    • Opportunity to Name a Scholarship with Network Members
    • Crowd Sourcing Platform - Share Ideas with Network Members
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