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For the love of Hospitality,
join us on our B CORP Journey!


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Hospiamo exists to be a force of social and environmental good in the hospitality and tourism industry. We are serious about the business of hospitality, the upward mobility of the people in our industry, optimizing energy usage and reducing and repurposing waste in our buildings. Hospiamo's proprietary platform for owners, operators and consultants exists for the love of hospitality and is supported by socially responsible real estate owners, investors, business owners, managers and career operators who want to be better, who want to innovate and who are like-minded in our view that hospitality workers are the creative, influential and entrepreneurial servers to the world. Hospiamo is on the B Corporation journey and is committed to go further than any other company to call for change and actively dismantle unjust systems, policies and practices in hospitality, and then rebuild them stronger with responsible investors and stakeholders to direct and grow our portfolios toward a positive impact on society and the environment. The Systematic Problems we are committed to solving BELOW: (Yes, we are optimists but we are also realists and do not avoid or deny problems or conflict, we embrace and acknowledge them so that we can have open and uncomfortable conversations that inspire positive change and multi-cultural and multi-perspective appreciation) - Hospitality Buildings such as hotels are wasteful, energy inefficient and unimaginative, leading to an unnecessarily large carbon footprint, economic and community development stagnation and stale workplace environments. - Hospitality Stakeholder Relationships between "Owners", Investors, Asset Managers and "Operators", Employers, Property Managers are obstructive, zero-sum and shortsighted, leading to disengagement, paralytic asset value and job creation, lack of innovation, and profoundly unpreparedness to support and lead employment and sustainability related initiatives, challenges and crises. - Human Capital Development and Community Engagement spending budgets at Franchised and Independently owned and operated hotels have been systematically demolished with funds redirected in the whitewashed names of operational effectiveness, labor productivity, Cost ROI Analytics and asset value enhancement. This has resulted in an uneducated and inequitable workforce, horizontal or downward mobility in social class, inferior workplace culture, decreased standards in guest and employee experience and loyalty, and a severe lack of community engagement. - Hospitality Managers are detached from ownership and "upper management", and have massive barriers to achieve sustainable and optimized income. Their free expressions are suppressed, achievements uncelebrated and voices muted, leading to an all-time low in management retention, excessive outsourced labor, high turnover of hourly employees, deteriorating employee benefit programs, and an unappetizing image presented to current and future generations of hospitality leaders. Hospiamo's purpose and mission is to create value for multiple stakeholders in the Hospitality Stakeholder Economy, including workers, customers, communities, environment and shareholders. Our entire company being the service and human resources department, we guide our customers and members towards making business decisions that maintain a balance between profits, people and the planet. We find these problems to be conquerable; because we are unstoppable and built a unique support system made up of dozens of confident, highly experienced, like-minded managers, stakeholders, workers and community leaders, that have been trying to do it alone for decades. Hospiamo brings them all together. We are standing up to the "stinking thinking" that has built the thick, intimidating roadblocks and barriers that keep us from advancing our people, communities and industry forward. Our platform is proprietary, private, for the people that love hospitality and genuinely care to be the change, and be better for the people, planet and communities we serve.

Purpose & Giving: Projects
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Our Active (and Favorite) Givers and Receivers

Purpose & Giving: Clients

Hotel Soap Recycling Partner:

Clean the World and Global Soap

Since 2009, Clean the World has distributed more than 45 million bars of soap to children and families in 127 countries worldwide, while diverting 16 million pounds of hotel waste from North American landfills.

Certified Member:
1% For The Planet
1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and environmental partners tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues. Hospiamo believes you can always give more, but you should never give less than 1%, and collaborates with members of 1% For the Planet.


NCRLA - North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association

Educational Foundation and Mentorship Program

Preservation Council Steward:
Historic Hotels of America and National Trust for Historic Preservation


SHRM - Society for Human Resources Management


F.A.R.M. Cafe - Boone, NC

Food for All, Regardless of Means

"Pay What You Can" Restaurant Cafe in Downtown Boone, NC

Supporter, Donor:

Vitalogy Foundation

Pearl Jam's Advocacy Foundation for Environmental, Homelessness and Indigenous Causes

Wine to Water
When Clean Water Flows, Life Begins to Thrive

Member, Youth Mentor:

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

Former Member of Board of Directors, Supporter:

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont



Addiction, Mental Health and Trauma

A national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the addiction crisis in the United States

Member, Hospitality & Hotel Partner:

American Cancer Society

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