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Purpose & Giving: Services

We are a Social Enterprise.

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Social Enterprise

We're pioneering a movement within the hospitality industry. Our mission extends beyond traditional business metrics; we're here to drive profound social impact, championing economic mobility, personal growth, and community well-being through our innovative approach to hospitality management.

What Is a Social Enterprise?
A social enterprise operates with the goal of solving social issues and making a positive impact on the world, using business strategies. While profitability remains important, it's the social and environmental outcomes that stand at the heart of what a social enterprise seeks to achieve.

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role models

Hosptiality & Hotel Employers, Genuine Leaders ARE the Role Models.  Attach to the Humble, Encouraging, Generous & Self-Confident.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, ordinary workers, moving things forward, who are like-mided, drawing inspiration from leading social enterprises and thinkers who have shown us the power of business as a force for good:

Goodwill Industries, founded by Edgar J. Helms, has revolutionized the concept of using donations and retail to fund job training programs and employment placement services.

Patagonia, under Yvon Chouinard's leadership, has set the standard for environmental responsibility and activism within the business sector.

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Impact driven

Personal Financial Growth: We rigorously track the financial income levels and upward mobility of those working at the property and local levels in the hotel and hospitality sector. Our goal is to see every individual thrive.

Employee Engagement and Security: Through detailed surveys and feedback mechanisms, we measure job satisfaction, income security, and loyalty to employers. Our focus is on fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued and secure.

Quantitative Impact: We keep a close tally on the number of jobs created, properties engaged, communities impacted, and economic regions revitalized by our network of verified hotel and hospitality management companies.

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adapt or die

Transforming Perceptions and Realities

Hospiamo is moving forward, period.


We are motivated to re-define, re-communicate the responsibilities and what it means to be part of the hospitality industry.


No longer just about accommodations and services, we're making the sector a beacon of social innovation and economic empowerment.


By focusing on the personal and professional growth of hospitality workers, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, we're building a future where the industry is known for its contribution to societal well-being and sustainable development.

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