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Embrace the Agile Transformation Revolution in Hospitality Management & Leadership – Special Launch Offer!

Special Pricing Until July 1, 2024

Start your Journey here with "AHAB"

Agile Hospitality Assessment & Benchmarking

Agile Hospitality Management Audit (30-Days) "AHAB"

Digital Agile Management Badge - Guarateed Cost Savings
Assessment, Recorded Documentation & Benchmarking Study
4 Certifications w/ Analysis - ESOP Feasibility Study 
8 Education Credits - Multi-Media Sponsorships

Unparalleled benefits designed to catapult your business into a new era of agility and innovation:

1. Immediate Digital and Marketable Recognition: Receive the Level 1 Agile Hospitality Badge as soon as you enter the Audit Phase, showcasing your commitment to your team, owners, and the industry at large.

1.A (NEW!) ESOP Feasibility Study:  The ESOP Feasibility Assessment within the AHTP and AHAB programs delivers an essential evaluation of a company's readiness for an Employee Stock Ownership Plan by examining its structure, financial health, and strategic fit for ESOP implementation. It outlines the options, costs, and benefits, offering a clear path toward long-term succession planning and employee empowerment. This integration ensures hospitality companies can achieve operational efficiency while fostering a culture of ownership and commitment, significantly enhancing their growth and stability.

2. Elite Coaching Program: Select 4 standout individuals within your organization to be sponsored into our 10-week Certified Agile Hospitality Coach Program – a transformative experience valued at over $50,000.

3. Continuing Education Credits: Gain access to 8 continuing education credits through our online hospitality entrepreneurship education partners, adding over $10,000 in value.

4. Prominent Sponsorship Credits: Enjoy visibility with no less than 5 Sponsorship Credits on our esteemed podcast and social media networks, a $10,000 value.

5. Guaranteed Cost Savings: The audit is engineered to uncover a minimum of $50,000 in future cost savings for the average hotel management company and their owners, identifying areas of inefficiency and wasteful time, old processes and unbalanced vendor contracts, delivered with empathy and precision.

ALSO: Completed Audit Includes: Comprehensive Agile Hospitality Benchmark Score and 6-Month Roadmap to Level Three or Four Transformation

By the end of the audit, if all milestones are achieved, a Level Two Badge Designation is awarded.  You'll receive the Agile Hospitality Transformation Benchmark Score and a 6-month Roadmap towards the next levels of Agile Hospitality Transformation.


This roadmap is your guide, and our Certified "Level Six" Master Agile Hospitality Coaches are available to support your recently Certified Agile Hospitality Coaches, to evolve from Level 2 and beyond – each milestone celebrated with a new digital badge and deeper engagement across your teams.

$120,000 in Value, for $40,000 after July 1, 2024

Level One Audit is Available for $24,000 Today

Secure your Audit at Launch Pricing, Make your Deposit Here

AFTER the AUDIT: Choose to step into the Roadmap towards Full Transformation That Pays for Itself

Our deep dive doesn't have to stop at uncovering potential; it guarantees 10x the cost savings over the program's cost.


We're talking about connecting your people to your company with structured processes that create flexibility and enthusiasm for your company's culture, and together with your teams, a robust financial, P&L, and contract review, alongside HR, Marketing assessments, all culminating in a strategy that's not just about cutting costs but about fostering an environment where agility, innovation, and talent thrive.

A Commitment Beyond Business

As a proud
social enterprise, Hospiamo, Inc. is committed to giving back. 10% of all proceeds from this program will be invested back into the communities and nonprofit organizations we serve, supporting the next generation of hospitality talent and creating positive workplaces across the industry.

Special Pricing Until July 1, 2024

Take advantage of our special launch pricing before it increases to $40,000.

This is your moment to lead your company beyond transformation and into the future of hospitality management.

Secure Your Audit at Launch Pricing


Schedule a 1-on-1 Zoom Conversation with one of the founding Agile Hospitality Coaches, Adam Zembruski

Don't miss this opportunity to redefine what's possible in hospitality. If you have any questions or need further clarification, our team is here to help.


Take the Rapid "Are you Agile Hospitality?" Assessment Quiz Here!

We look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you.

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