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Solve your Hotel Company's Biggest Pain Points 
10-Week Agile Hospitality Management Certification for Leaders working for Independent Hotel Management Companies (IHMC)

the ACH™

ACH Certification Program Overview
The Agile Hospitality Coach (ACH) Certification Program is a transformative 10-week journey designed for selected leaders within Independent Hotel Management Companies (IHMCs). Its primary aim is to equip these leaders with an advanced set of skills, knowledge, and an Agile mindset, enabling them to effectively confront and resolve the myriad of operational and strategic challenges facing their organizations.

Key Program Features:
Personalized Learning Experience: Prior to commencement, the program identifies the highest priority pain points and strategic initiatives specific to each candidate's IHMC. The priorities identified with initial interview with IHMC executives, which ensures that learning is directly relevant and immediately applicable, offering solutions and strategic processes tailored to address the needs of the IHMC executive team.

Pain-Point Driven Curriculum (click to learn about the pain points): Every week of the program is dedicated to exploring a distinct theme, closely aligned with enhancing operational efficiency, boosting employee engagement, optimizing financial management, and refining strategic planning. The curriculum is built around solving real-world problems, providing practical tools and Agile methodologies that candidates can deploy within their organizations.

Expert Guidance: Candidates receive direct mentorship from a certified Master Agile Coach for Hospitality (MACH™). These weekly one-hour coaching calls are crucial touchpoints for reviewing achievements, discussing weekly readings, and formulating strategies for upcoming tasks. The program also includes Open Office Hours, offering additional layers of support and fostering a culture of collaboration and shared learning.

Strategic Process Implementation: The ACH Certification is not merely theoretical. It emphasizes actionable insights and strategic process implementation, allowing each leader to instigate meaningful change. By focusing on infrastructural growth capabilities, the program lays the groundwork for enduring success and adaptability within the rapidly evolving hospitality landscape.

This overview of the ACH Certification Program is designed to encapsulate its essence—a meticulously structured yet inherently flexible approach to professional development. It promises a unique and impactful journey for each participant, tailored to meet the evolving demands of the hospitality industry, and empowering IHMCs with the tools needed for exponential growth and operational excellence.

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