People Working in Open Office


Is it just a word?

No, it's an attitude and a disruptive business model which is making a difference. Here's the abbreviated explanation.

IAMO, loosely translated in Italian means "we go". (our business does a lot of "translating", explained below)

IAMO also stands for Investments, Asset Management and Operations. (there are walls between each in hospitality, which we are breaking down) 

Hospitality is a friendly reception or treatment of guests or strangers.  There's good hospitality and not-so-good hospitality. Some are drawn to it, some are not. 

Hospitality is also a Business, Service, Product, a University MBA program, an architectural design or construction model, a legal specialty, a massive labor force, a sector of Real Estate, a Career, many others. It's a world; a world with different languages and highly diverse talents, interests and definitions of success. 

Hospiamo team members were drawn to hospitality well before the Hospiamo concept was formed.  Hospitality captured each one of us, early in life. Then we separated, went on our own paths and became experts in one of the areas above.  During that time, we worked together, some for the same companies, most for different companies and industries - Hospiamo is the convergence of those individual paths. 

Hospiamo's office looks like this, below.  Sometimes it's full of people and activity, sometimes it's quiet and virtual.  Every project Hospiamo engages, it involves at least 3 of these people or groups, sometimes all of them.  It depends on the path the project owner is on....we can join at any point and at any level. 

The business model is simple - we won't get what we want until we have helped enough other people get what they want.  That compulsion to serve others is what captured us in the beginning and why the hospitality business is personal to us. 

Hospiamo OFFICE.Colab_edited.jpg