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What our Partnership with Agile Game Changers, means for for the Hospitality Industry

Wavy Abstract Background

Most Hospitality Management companies showed their resilience and proved to be critical, essential leaders, guiding owners and investors through the the pandemic. strong as these companies are, under the hood, a vulnerable instability showed when field operators, regional operators and general managers, got nervous, and left. 

Some left for same pay, or more pay, other industries, or the simple promise of some attention and opportunity to advance their
income security and personal financial stability.  

They were hanging by a thread, to strong, honorable, resilient hospitality companies located hundreds of miles away.

Our Agile Hospitality Transformation Program starts with what we were taught as service leaders from the very beginning: Empathy

Our program starts with an audit to understand, and immediately connects the field leaders and bench strength, like a bungee cord made of structural practices and methodologies learned from decades of software engineering and adapted for the hospitality management and hotel ownership industries.

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