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Hi, thanks for being here. 
Only 1 out of 100 people will take 15 minutes to read the below message.  Only 1 out of those 100 will call me. 
Only 1 out of those 100 will commit to taking action.

It's my fault.  The labor shortages, the rapid departure of our most talented leaders and the lowest employee engagement scores our industry has ever actually started 25 years ago, and this ditch we're in is deep, and I helped dig it. 
Read this blog entry for a detailed account of my accountability journey, a mock interview. 

Slashing HR, Training and People Related budgets and eviscerating the possibility of ownership from the minds of every hotel manager in America - I did it all.   My ambition was rewarded I became an owner, a celebrated and certified "hotel asset manager", real estate investment advisor and "above property" management company owner and executive. 

After years and years of wielding my machete, slashing and dream crushing, I stopped on October 25, 2018.
A Personal-Business-Emotional, blog post here.

I became an expert - investing, acquiring, building, operating and optimizing the value of a hospitality asset.  I am very good at it, sledgehammer-good, certified, qualified, rewarded, a legal expert witness, panel speaking engagements, guest columnist.  

I was a highly trained, highly effective profitability zombie, looking down at all the people that were producing the massive revenues and profits and unknowingly, crushing dreams.

Today, after 5 years of purpose-led reconnecting, apologizing, intense industry research and self-study, I have created a new tool, a new sledgehammer - not just for "good" but for serious, measurable impact. 

The tool is Hospiamo, legally structured as a Social Enterprise, to become a Certified B Corporation, so that it will only grow in strength and never veer off course from its mission.  The impact of Hospiamo's mission will be 100 times that of the machete used to cut our way to the current state of the industry.

I am doing this to create something valuable and then
pass it along to the people that have already earned it.

I will not stop until Hospiamo has enough value to pass it along as a gift to the industry, to our employees, to the real people that impact our lives and global culture - the hospitality managers and servers, as they are the people that will make things better for those that come behind us. 
Otherwise, "we are wasting our time on this Earth."

For the love of hospitality,

Adam Zembruski

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