Adam Z, who and why

Adam Zembruski is a hospitality and community development partner and consultant who oversees the social enterprise Hospiamo, based in the United States.  In collaboration with Hospiamo's diverse network of experts, Zembruski designs, develops and operates community-focused culinary and hospitality concepts that provide a stable platform and sense of belonging for experiential training, certifications and income sustaining opportunities for the under-skilled, disadvantaged and those in career transition.  Through Hospiamo's Socially Responsible Workplace Certification program, Zembruski connects like-minded business owners with talented and skilled workforce of tomorrow.

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Bio and Motivations

Adam has spent his professional life developing teams of people in hospitality, establishing cultures of trust, humor, encouragement, responsibility, and honor. Fortunate to have had multiple industry mentors and catapult-like platforms to learn, grow and have his voice amplified, Adam is humbled, challenged and focused to create a friendlier path for those that come behind him that aren’t as fortunate and advantaged as he has been.

Adam started Hospiamo as a role model organization for the hospitality workforce and leaders of tomorrow.  Hospiamo’s team members, entrepreneurs, creators, and board of advisors are inspiring examples of individuals that have made a lifework in their respective industries with a hospitality mindset.  Hospiamo is the mentorship, the catapult-like platform (and roadblock buster) that is missing for the massively talented and influential workforce of tomorrow.  

Adam is a leader that has held many titles and job descriptions, but today, he simply wants to be a good team member and friend to the people of the industry by listening, collaborating, and acting.  Believing that every Human Resources Department should be funded equally or more than the Sales and Revenue departments, Adam is a team builder and operator by heart and experience and has held almost every position in the hotel and restaurant industry.  He started as a warehouse attendant at a 4 Diamond Resort Casino and grew to Front Desk agent to housekeeper, cook, server, bartender, dishwasher, to multiple department management roles, to Hotel General Manager, Hotel Management Company President to Franchisee, Owner, Investor and Asset Manager.  

Contact Adam

The door is open to collaborate and learn, listen and create opportunities - please contact me if you just want to chat or if you want to do something different, to make a difference.

Email me for my cell #, texting is fun and productive!