Business Meeting

Team + Partner Mentality

"Move as a team, never move alone...."

We want to be judged by our atmosphere, the people and systems that surround us.

Our best chance at "controlling the weather" is to carefully choose and constantly monitor...

  1. The Projects we Choose

  2. Our Team and Partners

  3. Who we Reward

  4. Who we Let Go


Transparent, Candid, Upfront Conversations

Build Trust through Empathy and Action

Influence and Manage Change

Speak Truth to Power

Inspire and Equip Others to Succeed

Embrace Conflict and Adversity Together

Engage Early, Communicate Frequently

Track Progress, Document the Stories

Learn from Mistakes

Surround Ourselves with Purpose and Optimism

Schedule Time to be Unreasonably Creative

​​​*We never "assign" projects to one individual. Every project is executed with multiple cross-functional, respectful, transparent and agile leaders. 


The Team Players

An explosion of Purpose and Focus, with a Bias For Action

HOSPIAMO has a team of purpose-driven leaders and a diverse group of independent advisors.

Some of our team members are independent hospitality leaders with their own business that are part of our Affiliate Program.  What binds us together is the concept of "filling gaps" and "adding value", constantly adapting to the needs of each project owner.

Our team is agile, eager to learn, open to new ideas and adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment. Read below to learn more about our exceptional team and advisory council.


Adam Zembruski

Founder / COO / Partner Programming
Director of Hospitality Platforms; Modern Asset Management


Will Walsh

Director: E-Commerce, Branding & Retail Merchandising 
Producer: Photography/Video/Social Media Programming

Grey Hamilton.jpg

Grey Hamilton

Director: Digital Reporting, Dashboarding and Data Visualization


Lisa White

Advisor, Director of Hotel Profitability and Strategic Sales, Revenue and Marketing


Mark LaPietra

Advisor, Hospitality Operations; Restaurant and F&B Programming and Project Management


Joseph Horton

Advisor, Director of Hotel Management &  Leadership Development, Systems Integration and SOP Implementation


Greg Greenwalt

Advisor, Hospitality Project Management - Full Service Hotels, Hilton and Marriott Transitions, Human Resources and Operational Execution