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Hospiamo's Agile Hospitality™ Declaration: the Principals of Mutual Reliance (draft)

Updated: Mar 14

Agile Hospitality Declaration of Mutual Reliance

We, the Agile Hospitality community, affirm our commitment to:

Critical Thinking and Thoughtful Conversation

1 - the property level workers, regional operators and local general managers

2 - our corporate team members and shared services

3 - our brand of employment

4 - the hospitality real estate investment and ownership groups that entrust us with their vision.

Our collaborative effort is dedicated to these stakeholders, recognizing the property leadership roles directly interface with our property level employees and valued guests and produce the value we propose as being our unique selling proposition.

Here are the principles we stand by:

A. Commitment to Building Connection between Property Leadership and Corporate Teams:

We prioritize the empowerment and job and income stability of our property leaders and to connect them with corporate employees through established processes, understanding that their well-being and development are crucial to the success of our business endeavors and guests' experiences.

B. Embracing Evolution for Stakeholder Advantage:

We welcome and champion change, adapting our services to provide a competitive edge and support our stakeholders' goals, ensuring their businesses thrive in a dynamic industry landscape.

C. Collaborative Culture:

Through mutual reliance, we create a supportive community where open collaboration and resource and knowledge sharing are paramount. We rely on one another for success, innovation, and to make a positive impact both within our industry and beyond. Property oversight by one person, a General Manager, is not the way of our future as we need them to help the enterprise to grow by taking our projects beyond regional and into new global markets.

D. People First in Actions over Words:

We believe in creating environments that cultivate motivated, self-organizing teams empowered by emotional intelligence—self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. We do not tolerate behaviors that go distract us from this core practice.

E. Continuous Improvement:

Frequent delivery of innovative solutions and operational enhancements is at the heart of our work. We strive for excellence and adapt to change in all we do, with an agile approach that allows us to adjust and improve continuously.

F. Sustainable Practices:

Our commitment extends to sustainable development and structural processes that live and brathe insid eour organziation, ensuring our practices maintain a balance that supports ongoing prosperity for our stakeholders and teams.

G. Maximizing Efficiency w/o Cutting Labor Hours:

We adopt simplicity in our processes, focusing on actions that add the most value to our property leaders and ownership groups, enabling them to serve their guests with the highest standards while maintaining high quality and enough front line service team members.

H. Reflective Growth:

We regularly take time to reflect on our practices, always seeking ways to evolve and enhance our effectiveness, fostering a culture of proactive improvement.

In adhering to these principles, we acknowledge the challenges ahead. Yet, we embrace these as opportunities for growth, learning, and enhancement of the services we provide to our stakeholders. This declaration is our pledge to work tirelessly, using agile methodologies and the hospitality in our hearts to build a resilient and thriving hospitality management and ownership community that supports our property teams in delivering exceptional, safe and memorable guest experiences. LEARN how Agile You are: Quiz

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