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"If you have a chance to accomplish something that will make things better for the people coming behind you, and you don't do that, you are wasting your time on this Earth."

Roberto Clemente

Hospiamo is a symbiotic hub of independent experts in various fields, working together to develop, manage and continuously improve every business we touch.


Engagements and Packages

All Engagements Start with a Complimentary, Friendly Phone Call or Zoom. No Commitment necessary to say hello. We like that.

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Owner Needs a Friend Program (for those who want to rise above the day-to-day)

We have been there. After getting to know you, we put you on the path to the place you were when your passion and purpose led your decisions.

Our Operational Excellence and Efficiency Coaching Program is designed for owners and operators that are feeling exhausted and need help.  Once we understand the "pain points", we diagnose and prepare a custom program, which may include a new reservations/booking channel or Property Management System, a simple purchasing and vendor program, a Policies and Procedure manual for employees, a recruiting platform or a task force leader to come in and work full time to assist your needs.  Maybe you just want more revenue - we can help with that too.  We can be urgent and immediate, or gradual and patient, you're in control.

Flexible Pricing Packages, based on size of property and needs of owner.  Geographically, focused on the Southeast US, but available elsewhere with notice.


Inspire and Empower Brand Management Program. (For Independent Hotel and B&B owners and operators)

An Inspiring, Powerful Program for Owners of Small Properties

Designed for boutique/small and medium sized independent hotels and B&Bs in destination markets.  Tell your story, turn your pride and honor into a loyal fan base of guests and employees.  Major Brand Franchises and Soft Brands are an option, but are expensive and controlling.  You can do it, tell your story, expand your brand offering, keep full control. Own your brand, establish operational excellence to ensure your brand standards live on forever with our Brand Standards & Quality Assurance Benchmarking and Inspection Programs for owners and managers.

Flexible Pricing Packages to get started.  Usually, our first visit is complimentary for serious owners and operators.  We enjoy the relationship building and it's critical to enabling our team to discover and then deliver what you want.


Hotel Development and Hospitality Management Platform Growth Coaching and Planning (for those ready to grow from 1 to 5 properties, or 5-10)

Strategically Improve your Company and Properties. Build Structure & Stability, Buy, Sell, Invest, PIP Programming, with our Certified Hospitality Owner Asset Management and Advisory Program

Our Coaching Programs are designed to be flexible, affordable and can be light as 1 call a week or a deeper relationship with a diverse and experienced group of people on-call, your right hand, to help with your hospitality business.

Packages start at $250 per week with reasonable upfront activation pricing.

Available at 3 Months, 6 Months or 12 Months, pricing flexible based on length of commitment.


Destination Marketing and Community Engagement Programs (for Small/Med-sized Towns, University, Capital City, Healthcare Centers and Leisure Destination Markets)

Social Media Management, PR and Media Relations, Email Marketing, SEO Blogs, Website Optimization, Event Promotions, Sponsorships and Fund Raising Support, Commercial Video Production

Hospiamo's Community Engagement Program is relationship driven, designed for flexibility and with genuine care for the people that live and work in the area.

Open and Flexible Engagement Levels. If there's a good fit, culturally, professionally and strategically, Hospiamo will be aggressive in presenting flexible and generous pricing to get started and are happy to prove ourselves personally and be judged on the value we create for the community.