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Organizational Relationships & Our Commitment to Education and Next Generation Leadership

The Narrative, Origins and Future

The relationship between Adam Zembruski, Zembruski Hospitality Group, LLC (ZHG), Hospiamo LLC, and Hospitality Industry Impact Initiative, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a comprehensive framework meticulously and strategically designed to drive positive social impact within the hospitality industry.

In 2018, Adam Zembruski established Zembruski Hospitality Group, a consultancy dedicated to hospitality operations excellence, and hotel real estate investments, development and asset management.

In 2020, Adam authored the organizational documents for a non-profit organization, aiming to create opportunities for deserving workers and leaders in the hospitality sector. However, recognizing the potential to empower and equip individuals in the industry further, and to achieve its goal of becoming a 100% Employee Owned company to maximize social impact, the structure evolved into a for-profit social enterprise, majority owned by Zembruski Hospitality Group, and named it Hospiamo LLC. 

This unique structure allows Hospiamo to to create powerful strategic partnerships, offer shares, options, benefits, or membership to deserving individuals, service providers and innovative entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector, fostering a sens
e of ownership and shared prosperity. Additionally, Hospiamo is pending Certification as a B Corporation, and commits a minimum of 1% of its revenues to HI3, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and 1% to 1% For The Planet, and 1% to a Community Economic Development Fund, ensuring that its social mission remains a core focus.  By embracing this social enterprise model, Hospiamo aligns the pursuit of business success with the goal of social impact, creating a powerful force for positive change and innovation in the hospitality industry.

The Hospitality Industry Impact Initiative (HI3) organization upholds Transparency and Integrity as the bedrock of of its core values. As the founding board president and the visionary architect of HI3's organizational structure, mission, and purpose, Adam Zembruski serves as the primary conduit to the hospitality industry.  Having gathered a strong base of impact-driven board members and a Junior Board of Directors in development, HI3 launched in 2023, as an educational workforce intermediary, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization solely dedicated to the hospitality industry and its people. HI3's unwavering commitment to open communication, honesty, and ethical conduct establishes a culture of trust, accountability, and collaboration, empowering us to drive meaningful impact within the industry and transform the lives of those we serve.
Serving as President of the board for HI3, with the generous help from the other board members, donors and supporters, Adam diligently ensures compliance with the NC Secretary of State, Department of Revenue and IRS while assembling a dynamic team poised to elevate HI3 into a profoundly impactful organization for the 23M workers in the hospitality sector of the United States. 

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