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10-Week Agile Hospitality Management Certification - a previous example

Week 2: Financial Agility - Cost Review and Optimization Project Option (expanded example) 

Task Overview:
Collaborate with the accounting department to scrutinize non-labor, non-franchise, non-food, and non-commission related costs in the general ledger and chart of accounts.

Specific Project Option: Contract and Expense Consolidation

1. Data Gathering:
   - Work closely with the accounting department to identify the top 10 discretionary expenses that present opportunities for cost savings.

2. Analysis and Prioritization:
   - Analyze each identified cost, considering its impact on operations and potential for reduction.
   - Create a prioritized list of contracts and systems for review based on potential savings and feasibility of renegotiation or elimination.

3. Collaborative Review:
   - Engage with at least 10 hotel-level team members, allocating no more than 1 hour each, to gather diverse perspectives on potential cost savings.
   - Focus on understanding the utilization and value of services and contracts such as landscaping, elevator maintenance, software systems, and recruiting costs.

4. Consolidation Strategy:
   - Determine which expenses can be reduced or eliminated immediately, which should be addressed in the next quarter, and which can be planned for the next fiscal year.

5. Feedback and Recommendations:
   - Facilitate a structured feedback session, allowing each hotel-level team member to contribute their insights and suggestions.
   - For instance, if the landscaping expenses are high, consider whether the service could be streamlined or if there is potential for in-house solutions. Similarly, evaluate whether existing software systems are meeting users’ needs or if an alternative solution could increase efficiency.

6. Presentation and Documentation:
   - Summarize the findings, feedback, and recommendations in a concise, 10-minute video presentation.
   - The ACH candidate leads the presentation, moderated by the MACH, to showcase the collaborative effort, the strategic approach taken, and the potential impact of the recommendations.

7. Recording and Distribution:
   - Record the monthly Zoom session where these findings are presented.
   - Distribute the recording to IHMC executives to review and act upon the recommendations provided by the ACH leader and the team.

By involving a range of individuals from the hotel level in this task, the ACH candidate demonstrated leadership, fostered team engagement, and gained a comprehensive understanding of how various costs impact the business. The task also serves as an opportunity for team members to voice their opinions and propose innovative solutions, which may not only lead to immediate cost savings but also inspire a culture of continuous improvement and financial astuteness across the organization.

Week 9: Operational Excellence - SOP Revision Project Option (expanded example) 



To modernize and enhance IHMC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), making them more efficient, relevant, and aligned with current operational needs and Agile principles.

Task Overview:

- The ACH leader, in collaboration with corporate executives, identifies ten IHMC SOPs that require refreshing. This task aims to incorporate Agile methodologies into the SOPs, streamline processes, and ensure they are current and effective.

Specific Project Option: SOP Revision and Presentation

1. Identification of SOPs:
   - Collaborate with corporate executives to list ten IHMC SOPs in need of updates. Ensure that the selection spans various operational areas, including one crucial SOP like the "IHMC New Manager Onboarding Process."
2. Team Collaboration:
   - The ACH leader is required to involve at least ten individuals from hotel-level operations in the rewriting process. This approach ensures that the revisions reflect ground-level insights and experiences, making the SOPs more practical and user-friendly.
3. Agile Application:
   - Apply Agile methodologies to the revision process. Break down the task into sprints, each focusing on specific SOPs, and use timeboxing to allocate focused periods for review, feedback, and revisions. This structure speeds up the process and encourages continuous improvement.
4. Feedback and Iteration:
   - Organize feedback sessions with the selected hotel-level team members to gather insights, suggestions, and practical improvements. Encourage an open, collaborative environment where all voices are heard.
5. SOP Revision:
   - Based on the feedback, collaboratively rewrite the SOPs. Focus on clarity, efficiency, and alignment with Agile practices. For example, the "New Manager Onboarding Process" SOP could be revamped to include a more dynamic, flexible onboarding checklist, interactive training modules, and mechanisms for new managers to provide feedback on their onboarding experience.
6. Video Presentation:
   - Prepare and record a 10-minute video presentation of the revised SOPs. The ACH leader moderates this presentation, showcasing the collaborative effort, the application of Agile methodologies, and the expected impact of the revised SOPs.
   - This presentation is shared with IHMC executives and potentially across the organization to demonstrate the Agile transformation process in action and to solicit further feedback for continuous improvement.
7. Involvement and Recognition:
   - Ensure the participation of hotel-level team members is recognized. Highlighting their contributions not only validates their efforts but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the operational enhancements.

This project option for Week 9 encapsulates the essence of Operational Excellence through the Agile lens, demonstrating how structured, collaborative efforts can lead to significant improvements in IHMC operations. It bridges corporate strategy with hotel-level execution, laying a foundation for ongoing innovation and excellence in hospitality management.

ACH Certification Program Detailed Calendar (personalized example)

Week 1: Agile Foundations and Strategic Infrastructure

- Pain Point: Lacking Infrastructure to Support Mobility and Company Growth.
- Reading: "SCRUM" by Jeff Sutherland.
- Task: Implement timeboxing across multiple teams to improve productivity and identify redundant practices.
- Zoom Session: Tuesday at 11am EST - Introduction to Agile principles and discussion on implementing timeboxing.
- Office Hours: Thursday, 8am-10am EST.

Week 2: Financial Agility (highlighted above)

- Pain Point: Fixed Costs Increasing.
- Reading: "Moneyball" by Michael Lewis.
- Task: Streamline P&L analysis, creating a new benchmarking tool.
- Zoom Session: Tuesday at 11am EST - Discuss "Moneyball" insights and plan the P&L analysis streamlining.
- Office Hours: Thursday, 8am-10am EST.

Week 3: Streamlined Budgeting

- Pain Point: Labor Budget Constraints.
- Reading: "It's the Manager" by Jim Clifton.
- Task: Develop a flexible budgeting methodology using SCRUM principles.
- Zoom Session: Tuesday at 11am EST - Review flexible budgeting concepts and strategize implementation.
- Office Hours: Thursday, 8am-10am EST.

Week 4: Efficient Contract Management

- Pain Point: Management Contracts Challenges.
- Reading: "Dare to Lead" by Brené Brown.
- Task: Apply Agile methods to speed up the contract review process.
- Zoom Session: Tuesday at 11am EST - Discuss leadership in negotiation and contract review strategies.
- Office Hours: Thursday, 8am-10am EST.

Week 5: Employee Engagement

- Pain Point: Strained Trust and Growth Paths.
- Reading: "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman.
- Task: Design new feedback loops for employee engagement; complete Ikigai process.
- Zoom Session: Tuesday at 11am EST - Discuss enhancing team dynamics and feedback loop creation.
- Office Hours: Thursday, 8am-10am EST.

Week 6: Industry Research and Innovation

- Pain Point: Knowledge and Systems Integration.
- Reading: "Endurance" by Alfred Lansing.
- Task: Launch a research arm to explore industry challenges and opportunities.
- Zoom Session: Tuesday at 11am EST - Discuss historical perseverance and setting up a research initiative.
- Office Hours: Thursday, 8am-10am EST.

Week 7: Diversification and Business Planning

- Pain Point: Limited Options for Succession and Legacy Planning.
- Reading: "Creativity, Inc." by Ed Catmull.
- Task: Draft a business plan reflecting Agile transformation.
- Zoom Session: Tuesday at 11am EST - Explore cross-industry innovation and business plan drafting.
- Office Hours: Thursday, 8am-10am EST.

Week 8: External Benchmarking

- Pain Point: Delayed Market Entry and Competitive Edge.
- Reading: "Noise" by Daniel Kahneman.
- Task: Conduct interviews with professionals outside the hospitality industry.
- Zoom Session: Tuesday at 11am EST - Discuss decision-making biases and planning external interviews.
- Office Hours: Thursday, 8am-10am EST.

Week 9: Operational Excellence (highlighted above)

- Pain Point: Operational Practices and SOP Inefficiencies.
- Reading: "Atomic Habits" by James Clear.
- Task: Start a consistent media program; revise a key SOP.
- Zoom Session: Tuesday at 11am EST - Discuss habit formation in operational excellence and media strategies.
- Office Hours: Thursday, 8am-10am EST.

Week 10: Leadership and Cultural Transformation

- Pain Point: Employee Burnout and Career Development.
- Reading: "The Creative Act" by Rick Rubin.
- Task: Evaluate Agile implementation in business operations.
- Zoom Session: Tuesday at 11am EST - Reflect on Agile practices and discuss leadership and cultural impact.
- Office Hours: Thursday, 8am-10am EST.

This structured approach ensures that each week is dedicated to addressing a specific pain point through targeted reading, a relevant project, and guided discussions. The consistent support through Zoom sessions, office hours and collaborating with team members.

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