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It's happening. 

There's a start-up enterprise that is betting on the people of hospitality, putting their money, reputation and expertise on the line and they're convinced the solution is simple: courageous leadership that is focused on employee engagement, collaboration, mentorship and celebration.  They're building a new brand of hospitality and a pipeline to the youth and the creative workforce of tomorrow that will create an explosion of opportunity for those seeking careers, entrepreneurship and creative solutions in hospitality.  We're talking about Superbloom by Hospiamo™, a pioneering company on the B Corp and employee-owned journey, that is funded by a collaborative of social impact investors, hospitality employers and independent hotel operators. 

Hospiamo's research proves that the highly siloed and intense competitiveness of the hospitality industry has built barriers between the the emerging leadership and those at the top of the food chain, reducing the inventory of creative and entrepreneurial thinking in hospitality and hotels. 

Hospiamo has designed the brand not to compete with other hospitality assets in each market, but rather to collaborate and be the hub of hospitality talent, education and leadership, and to celebrate each community's culture of service and hospitality. By doing so, they will attract a new generation of customers and employees who value a more collaborative approach to business.  Hospiamo is attracting the emerging workforce, creating a vortex of tourism demand and sharing the revenues and profits with their employees, members and program partners - and guests!  They will do this while also investing in the renovation and upgrades of the community’s hospitality buildings, and collaborating with area hotel owners that exemplify the best in leadership and employee engagement.  

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