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"Move as a Team, Never Move Alone"

That knowledge is from Chuck D.....which is not just a lyric, it's a surprising leadership learning lesson.

If you've been a young (or even older?) manager, you know the feeling, "f-it...if this is going to get done in time, I have to do it myself... again!" or constantly seeking approval... "hey boss, look at what I just did".... or "why aren't I winning awards and getting recognized when other managers just delegate... they don't work nearly as much as I do"....

That's not productivity, it's lonely and uninspiring, but is not obvious... and nobody will tell you when you're in the middle of it.

If you're manager of one person or 500, you'll eventually learn that being committed to "never going it alone", your world will open up.

Jealously and the "what about me?" feeling goes away, in a surprisingly short amount of time. You'll start looking at your own bosses and mentors differently, with more empathy. If you really commit, you'll force yourself to be patient and asking more questions than answering everything yourself.

Being a leader sometimes feels very lonely, but it doesn't have to be that way....ever again.

Move forward, but first reach out, reach down, reach over and up...move as a team, never move alone....

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