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Embracing Unconventionality: Navigating Startup Challenges Amidst Conventional Advice

Title: Embracing Unconventionality: Navigating Startup Challenges Amidst Conventional Advice - Vlog and Blog!


Starting up a unique and unconventional business is an exhilarating journey, filled with passion, innovation, and a vision to disrupt the status quo. However, one of the most significant challenges entrepreneurs face is receiving conventional advice from successful individuals who care deeply but may not fully understand the nature of such groundbreaking ventures. As founders, we often encounter well-meaning advisors who provide guidance based on their past experiences, rooted in traditional business practices that may not align with our unconventional approaches. This blog entry explores the dilemma faced by entrepreneurs like us and offers insights on how to navigate these challenges effectively.

Recognize the Value of Experience:

It's important to acknowledge and appreciate the wisdom and experience of our trusted advisors. Their accomplishments and insights have undoubtedly played a crucial role in their success. However, it's essential to remember that every era brings new opportunities and challenges. The startup landscape has evolved significantly in the last two decades, and what worked then may not necessarily be applicable now. Communicate your respect for their expertise, but also emphasize the need for innovation and adaptation to the changing times.

Understand the Limitations of Conventional Thinking:

Conventional terminology and practices may not align with the unique identity and vision of your business. For instance, using terms like "clients" instead of "guests" or "investors" instead of "partners" can dilute the essence of your offering. Explain to your advisors that unconventional terms reflect your brand's values and positioning, allowing you to better connect with your target audience. Help them understand that creating a distinct identity is vital for gaining traction and standing out in today's competitive market.

Educate and Share Insights:

Your role as a founder goes beyond building a successful business; it also involves educating those around you about the new generations and emerging trends. Share relevant industry reports, studies, and success stories that showcase the importance of adapting to the needs and preferences of the target audience. Encourage open dialogue, where you can explain how embracing innovation and unconventional practices can drive long-term strategic impact, even if short-term ROI may vary.

Seek Diverse Perspectives:

While your trusted advisors have valuable insights, consider seeking input from a wider range of voices. Engage with mentors, peers, or industry experts who have experience in disruptive startups or emerging markets. Their perspectives can provide a fresh outlook and help you shape a more comprehensive strategy that aligns with your unique vision.

Lead by Example:

Demonstrate the effectiveness of your unconventional approach by achieving tangible milestones and positive results. Use data and metrics to showcase the impact of your innovative strategies. By showcasing your successes, you can gradually build trust and influence among your advisors, providing them with evidence that supports your forward-thinking approach.


Starting an unconventional business requires perseverance, confidence, and the ability to navigate through the challenges that arise when receiving conventional advice. While it's essential to appreciate the wisdom and experience of successful advisors, it's equally important to communicate that adapting to new generations and changing market dynamics is crucial for sustainable growth. By actively educating, sharing insights, seeking diverse perspectives, and leading by example, you can foster a supportive environment that encourages your advisors to evolve with the times. Remember, it's not about disregarding their advice entirely, but rather finding a balance that allows your unique vision to flourish while leveraging the best of both worlds

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