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Our Mission

Vision 2026

This is happening, before the end of 2026:

A community-focused, teaching hotel that is designed, built, owned and operated by current and former housekeepers, front desk agents, restaurant and food servers, bartenders and building maintenance workers.  Stay, Create, Learn, Teach....

Citrus Fruits


Hospiamo is a hospitality real estate development and project management company and brand that is primarily focused on creating hospitality jobs with new developments and reimagining existing buildings to create long-term, positive social and economical impact on the community while remaining committed to minimizing the impact on the environment.  

We are a purposeful enterprise, made up of hospitality operators, owners, investors, designers and builders that share a genuine care for the well being, education and economic empowerment of the people and communities we serve.  A member of the 1% For The Planet organization and committed to putting people, environment and communities above profits, Hospiamo's business strategy and operating model exists to be an accountable and transparent example for others in the hospitality industry to follow.

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Our company is majority owned by hotel and food service workers and managers with the support and guidance of a select group of like-minded business owners and real estate investors.  We are led by a multi-disciplinary team of current and former hospitality property managers, community leaders, real estate developers, social entrepreneurs, architects and designers, general contractors and environmental engineers.  

Our mission is to uplift our people, communities and environment by cultivating projects with innovations in design, green building and people-first operating for a socially and environmentally sound future.  Our operating model requires us to choose (and approve) partners, brands, vendors and suppliers that pass our high standards of excellence for creating a positive and emotionally safe workplace culture, innovative and green building design, community philanthropy and conscientious business practices.

Hide and Seek
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